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"Actions have consequences..."

Vindictive is a Spectrum mode accessed from Death by pressing B. It is restricted to the Chosen Ones (anyone who has access to special scripts and mod powers on SGFE).


True Core of the End

A Vindictive user hovers in a reclined position. They look towards their right arm, which is vertical. Their left arm is at an angle, their right leg is raised, and their left leg is tilted slightly. They occasionally rotate their head in a random direction.

Vindictive's primary color is dark red.


Vindictive has 9 wings in total. Six small red wings rotate in two triplets, similar to Violence. The outer triplet is a darker shade of red. Three large grey wings are in a triangular arrangement, similar to Hatred, however, these wings are static, which is unique to this mode.


Vindictive's only effects are small ground streaks resembling those of Clarity.


Vindictive's walk speed is comparable to that of Multi-Diversial, meaning it isn't exceptionally fast.

Like Sanctuary, Vindictive cannot take damage or die from any source, not even the laser fences. Unlike Sanctuary, Vindictive can also attack while invincible.

Vindictive has one ability (Z) and one "ability" (X).

Z - AeroMad()

Vindictive's Z ability, "AeroMad()"

Vindictive says "No," and then yells, killing everyone in the server, including normally invincible modes such as Sanctuary or even another Vindictive. Despite the ability's overwhelming power, it has a cooldown of only 1 second and does not add to the abuse meter.

X - abcdefghijk = true

An example of the power of "abcdefghijk = true"

This "ability" toggles a variable in the script which cancels all cooldowns and abuse for not just Vindictive, but every mode. It also greatly increases the chance of rare modes. While not very useful for Vindictive as it's only real ability has basically no cooldown, every other mode benefits greatly from this, especially Fallen X and Destruction. Along with disabling cooldowns and abuse, this "ability" allows for attacks and switches to be executed during other moves, making it extremely powerful.



Gram 【Sound Only】

Vindictive's theme (not gram)

  • Vindictive's theme is The Requiem - Sigmund [TPZ Overheat Remix].
  • Vindictive has two rare modes:
    • Animus

      Animus (UNDEAD CORPORATION - Everything will freeze)
      • Animus is based on Silent Glitcher's version of Violence.
      • Its quote is replaced with "I warned you about this."
      • The three large wings are transparent in this mode.
    • Vindication

      Vindication (Laur - Vindication)
      • Vindication's primary color is a very pale red which often appears as white.
      • Vindication's color scheme is based on Hikari, a character in the mobile rhythm game Arcaea.
  • No other mode has two differently named rare modes.
  • Vindictive is the only mode with a wing count that is not 3, 6, or 12.
  • Vindictive's Z ability is actually referred to in the script as "AeroMad()".
    • Aero is a member of the SGFE community who is known for dealing with people spamming moves in servers. Vindictive's Z ability acknowledges his contribution to everyone's enjoyment of the game and allows him to fulfill his task more easily.
  • Vindictive's X ability has no name in the script, but toggles a variable that previously was referred to as abcdefghijk. The variable is currently called VindictiveX.
    • divineMoai (DizzyKB on this wiki) named the X ability "abcdefghijk = true" on April 30, 2020. Since this was provided by an SGFE moderator, this will be considered official.
  • True Core of the Beginning

    Prior to July 15, 2020, a Vindictive user levitated in a less reclined position. They looked downwards and slightly to their right instead of looking directly at their right arm. Their left arm was behind their back and their legs were less angled. Their head did not rotate randomly.
  • Vindictive is one of three exclusive "-tive" modes, along with Moderative and Administrative.