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Unknown is a Spectrum mode accessed from Chaos by pressing B.


Unknown Still Shott.png

An Unknown user levitates in a relaxed pose. They bob up and down slightly more than other modes.


Unknown has twelve wings. The small wings are yellow and resemble regular wings, like those of Divinity. The large wings are yellow, translucent (like NanoDeath), and form a rotor.


Small white ground arcs form under an Unknown user. Unlike all other Spectrum modes with twelve wings, Unknown lacks any other set of ground arcs.

Unlike most flying Spectrum modes, Unknown does not have streaks rising from the ground.


Unknown is moderately fast and comparable to Destiny, but is significantly slower than other modes with twelve wings. The Z ability grants a speed boost.


Unknown has a single ability, Z.


Unknown Z Attack.gif

The Unknown user raises their arms into the air while three yellow rings expand outwards from their position. After 2 seconds, the user returns to their normal pose.

For the next 12 seconds, the Unknown user gains a speed boost and has two lines of glowing yellow orbs circling around them. Meanwhile, yellow balls rise up from the ground in random nearby spots while the abuse meter increases steadily. Each ball explodes after a short delay and releases several slowly expanding yellow arcs. The balls do about 50 damage each to nearby characters.

Unlike most abilities, the user can switch modes after the start animation. This removes the speed boost. The effects of this attack remain yellow regardless of the user's current primary color.

This attack has an 8 second cooldown from the beginning of the 12-second attack phase, meaning that another ability can be used before the current attack is over. Despite this, it should be noted that this attack fills the abuse meter by nearly a half.


  • When switching to Unknown, the text "Who really am i?" appears over the player's head.
  • A number of changes to Unknown occurred throughout early February 2020.
    • The Z attack was added.
      • The cooldown was severely reduced from 25 seconds to 8 seconds.
    • The music changed from Camellia - Crystallized to Sakuzyo(削除) - Lost Memory.
    • The mode name's font changed from Code (like Plague) to Arcade (like SHD).
    • Unknown moved from Corruption's B to Chaos's B.
  • Unknown has one rare mode, Surreptitious. It was added on March 1st, 2021, and makes Unknown the 12th mode to have a rare mode.


    • The theme for Surreptitious is Camellia - Dance with Silence.
    • When switching to Surreptitious, the user says, "It's quite a mystery where I came from, isn't it?"

      Surreptitious quote upon transformation.

    • This mode has a unique idle particle effect consisting of rising columns that vary in color from cyan to black, making it a one of a kind rare mode.
    • Surreptitious has a different pose from Unknown. The user is tilted to the side with arms outward and appears relaxed.
    • Surreptitious originates from Arbitrarium, a personal glitcher by StratosphericAero. The quote also comes from the mode in Arbitrarium.