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Theories is a Spectrum mode. It is accessed from Chaos by pressing M. It has a significant transformation sequence.


Theories Still Shot-0.png

The primary color of Theories is yellow. However, half of its wings are cyan.

A Theories user levitates in a relaxed pose with their head tilted back and their arms outstretched.


Theories has twelve wings, of which half are yellow and half are cyan. The small wings are in a regular wing arrangement. The large wings form a compass. Four large wings are at 90 degrees to each other while the other two large wings are oriented vertically behind the user.


Theories Effects v2.gif

One unique aspect of Theories is the visualizer it has. There is a row of yellow bars behind the user. These yellow bars move up and down as if accompanying the music, though they don't actually accompany the beat of the song.

Theories has two types of ground rings. The small set is white and the large set is yellow.

Yellow streaks rise out of the ground near a Theories user.

Yellow particles appear at a Theories user's right hand. Cyan particles appear at their left hand.


Chaos to Theories Transformation.gif

Theories has an elaborate transformation sequence from Chaos.

The music changes immediately. The user leaps into the air and crouches in mid-air for seven seconds. During this time, black arcs emanate from the user outwards in random directions and multicolored cubes and lines gather around the user.

At the end of the seven seconds and coinciding with the drop in the music, the user (now as Theories) drops towards the ground and releases a yellow explosion. A loud sound effect accompanies this.


Theories has a single long-ranged attack capable of instantly killing an opponent from a great distance. It is somewhat slow.

Weaknesses of this mode include fast opponents (who can dodge the Z ability) and being attacked during the transformation. When transforming, it's best to run to a distant part of the map, transform, then come back.


Theories has one ability, which is used by pressing Z.


Press Z to open a yellow "portal" (a ring of particles) in the air above the user. The portal is aimed at the mouse target. After a one-second delay, the portal fires a beam at the target, causing a small explosion where it hits. Nearby characters take severe damage and will likely be killed.

This attack increases the abuse meter by a sizable amount and has a five-second cooldown. Using it repeatedly will fill up the abuse meter and cause the user to die.

Note that Theories' Z attack is identical to Galactic's Z attack from the Reminiscence Cytus script.


  • Dj-Nate_-_Theory_of_Everything_3_-_OFFICIAL

    Dj-Nate - Theory of Everything 3 - OFFICIAL

    The music of Theories is DJ-Nate - Theory of Everything 3.
    • The mode likely takes its name from the title of the song.`
  • When switching to Theories, there is a 1/30 chance that the user will instead switch to a considerably rarer mode called "Theories?"


    • This mode switches all of Theories' yellow colors with magenta, changes it's music to Final Theory by dj-Nate, and makes the transformation's slashes change from black to white.
    • In the update that introduced Theories?, a visual bug made one of the hand particle effects stay yellow when moving. This has since been patched.
    • Theories? is the first Rare Mode.

      Dj-Nate - Final Theory (Theory of Everything 4 FINAL) - FREE DOWNLOAD

      Theme of Theories?

      The transition into Theories?.