Star Glitcher FE Wiki

They are the third minigame added to SGFE. They are composed of three colored orbs:

  • Enlightened Orb (yellow)
  • Repressed Orb (dark purple)
  • Synthesis Orb (light purple and smaller than the other two)

It has the following requirements:

  • Wave 10 must be cleared in Revengeance mode.
  • 1x Orb must be defeated in Revengeance mode.
  • Revengeance mode must be enabled.

When the Generic Wave Survival Minigame requirement is met, red text appears in the chat saying, "As the empowered horde retreats, the far lands grow restless."

When the Orb requirement is met, red text appears in the chat saying, "As the empowered Orb fades away, reality begins to grow unstable."

They are activated using the grey disk.


The only objective is to kill all three members of Them. There are no time limits or other restrictions.


When the minigame is activated, the screen flashes and They appear in the sky above the spawn area, but will quickly dash or teleport to wherever the nearest player is. A purple message in the chat says, "They have awoken!" The minigame ends and They disappear when all three members of Them lose all HP.

All three members roll towards the nearest player unless using an ability. If a member touches a character (a player, a dummy, a drooling zombie, etc.) it will completely destroy it, regardless of health, and play a sound effect saying "pitiful." Unlike the Orb, the members of Them do not expand when they consume.

Each member of Them has one ability:

  • The Enlightened Orb briefly flashes white and emits a sound, then gains a massive speed increase. It will attempt to ram into the nearest player. Often, it overshoots and traces a zigzag pattern while chasing the player. If the player is above the ground then it will fly while briefly flashing white.
  • The Repressed Orb, briefly flashes white then emits a sound then appear above the players head then smashes the ground 2 times before giving the final smash.
  • The Synthesis Orb briefly flashes white and emits a sound, then teleports above where it predicts a player will be one second later. It then shoots at the player with three large explosive beams dealing about 1/3 thirds of the players, not killing the player
  • They ignore Sanctuary users and players using Divinity's X ability (shield) but cannot kill them.

They despawn if every player is dead, ending the minigame. The screen goes dark and a purple message in the chat says, "They have killed every player."

Like all boss minigames and unlike the Generic Wave Survival Minigame, this minigame has no GUI apart from the name and health display on the members of Them themselves.


All three members of Them have 12500 HP.

All members of Them can deal damage through contact. They kill any character they roll into unless the character has some form of forcefield or invincibility.


  • They move very quickly and can build up momentum over long distances. It is even more crucial compared to fighting the Orb for players to ensure that a member of Them will not dash into the laser fences.
  • To avoid the Enlightened Orb's ability, move away from it in a curved path. The Enlightened Orb will repeatedly miss because its dash assumes you will travel in a straight line.
  • To avoid the Repressed Orb's ability, don´t stay still and always keep moving
  • To avoid the Synthesis Orb's ability, always be moving in curves, never in a straight line. It is nearly impossible to hear the sound of it teleporting, see its new position, and adjust course within one second, especially if you are moving fast. The best way to prepare for this is to always follow curved paths, so that you will miss whatever position the Synthesis Orb has predicted and avoid the lazers it´s shooting due to the explosive attacks it´s giving it has a large hitbox of where the lazers explode
  • Basically, run around in circles.
  • Both the Enlightened Orb and the Repressed Orb gain cooldown reductions when the Synthesis Orb is defeated. Combined with the cooldown reduction from low health, it is possible for an Enlightened Orb to be dashing over half of the time, making it very hard to aim at.
  • When most players are dead and waiting to respawn, the remaining one or two players should become "defensive" by switching to a fast mode, keeping a large distance from Them, and running around in circles. Once the other players respawn and the threat of a sudden "They have killed every player" is cancelled, players can take more risk when attacking.
  • Good awareness of your surroundings and where other players are located is essential to surviving and defeating Them.
  • The following modes are recommended for Them:
    • Catastrophe - Its Z ability can capture a member of Them and hold it in the air for up to 5 seconds, allowing you and other players time to think, strategize, and launch an attack or two. However, note that Catastrophe is somewhat slow compared to other "fast" modes.
    • Rainbow - It is the only mode with a ranged beam attack that can move while firing. It is useful when fighting the Synthesis Orb as well as the Strategic Orber since both of them can kill an unmoving player with barely any warning beforehand.
    • Error - The fastest mode in the game is well-suited for the evasive maneuvers needed to stay alive when being chased by three colorful spheres of death. The fact that its X ability is a fast dash and only leaves you immobile for a fraction of a second is also helpful. Two things to beware of are that the X ability takes several seconds to deal damage (during which They may have wandered elsewhere) and that dodging becomes more difficult if you are moving quickly and have more inertia.
    • Destruction - The laser requires a minute to be ready after spawning and leaves the player vulnerable for several seconds, but deals massive damage. A full hit can remove over a third of the HP of a member of Them.
  • The following modes are not recommended for Them. They are similar to non-recommended modes for the Orb:
    • NanoDeath - The members of Them do not have torsos and the attack will fail since there is nothing for the hologram to hug.
    • Nova - The members of Them face random directions as they roll. It is essentially impossible to predict which direction a member of Them will be facing when the V ability is used.
    • Any slow mode. You will be consumed and you will not be remembered.
    • Vanta-X - Yeah, sure, the V ability deals thousands of damage and the music makes you feel like a god, but remember that They move 10 times faster than you.


  • From about April to September 2020, the activator for Them was located far away from spawn in the direction of the ramp. It has since been moved to an arc around the spawn area, like the other minigames.
  • In September 2020, Their health was altered:
    • From 10000 to 12500 for the Enlightened Orb.
    • From 10000 to 12500 for the Repressed Orb.
    • From 15000 to 12500 for the Synthesis Orb.
  • Even earlier, during the testing stages, the health values were 30000, 20000, and 10000 respectively.