Star Glitcher FE Wiki

The Strategic Orber is the fourth minigame added. A large grey plane flies around the map and drops bombs. Occasionally, it fires a laser. It is activated using the cyan disk.

It has the following requirements:

  • 1x Orb must be defeated (in either Normal or Revengeance mode).
  • Revengeance mode must be enabled.

When the Orb requirement is met, red text appears in the chat saying, "The Orb calls for assistance; let fire rain from the skies."


Kill the Strategic Orber while dodging bombing runs and lasers. There are no time limits or other restrictions.


When the minigame is activated, the screen flashes and the Strategic Orber appears in the sky above the spawn area. A purple message in the chat says, "Strategic Orber has awoken!" The minigame ends and the Strategic Orber explodes when all of its HP is gone.

The Strategic Orber flies in the air and always tries to go towards the nearest player. It is several times faster and larger than the Orb, but has less health. Unlike the Orb, the Strategic Orber does not instantly kill enemies on contact.

The Strategic Orber has two abilities.

  • The Strategic Orber dashes forwards at double its usual speed and drops 18 bombs in a zigzag pattern on the ground. The Strategic Orber flies in a straight line for the duration of the ability. The bombs are marked by red disks on the ground and explode after 1.5 seconds, instantly killing any player within them.
  • Unlocked at 50% HP and below ("Phase 2"), the Strategic Orber stops midair, turns towards the closest target, and charges up a red laser for 1.5 seconds. A red explosion slightly bigger than a bomb's radius occurs at the initial target point. The Strategic Orber does not lead its shot. This attack is rarer and occurs after 1 or 2 bombing runs.

The Strategic Orber ignores Sanctuary users and players using Divinity's X ability (shield) and cannot deal damage to them.

The Strategic Orber despawns if every player is dead, ending the minigame. The screen goes dark and a purple message in chat says, "Strategic Orber has killed every player."

Like all boss minigames and unlike the Generic Wave Survival Minigame, this minigame has no GUI apart from the name and health display on the Strategic Orber itself.


The Strategic Orber has 15000 HP. Its health remains the same regardless of the number of players.


  • Since it is a flying boss, the vast majority of attacks in SGFE (which involve something striking the ground) are useless.
  • The Strategic Orber's hitbox is at the center, near where the wings connect. Always aim at that area.
  • The bombing runs are easy to dodge (stay far enough away from the Strategic Orber or move to the side once it starts), but the laser is fast and pinpoint accurate. Pay attention to the "rhythm" of the Strategic Orber's attacks and avoid situations that get you stuck (such as V ability endings) when it's laser time.
  • The following modes are recommended for the Strategic Orber.
    • Rainbow - Despite having extremely low DPS, it is the only mode with a ranged beam attack that can move while firing.
    • Unstable - A fairly average ranged beam attack. However, the user stays still for a rather long time at the start of the attack.
    • Destiny - Similar to Unstable but with less damage, more precise aim needed (due to the smaller blast radius), and a shorter duration of immovability.
    • Destruction - Its V ability is a highly damaging laser. However, the long duration of immovability after the attack is an opportunity to get bombed or lasered. It is best to have another player distract the Strategic Orber.
    • FallenX - You can be very far away from the Strategic Orber and still use the V ability.
    • Calamity - Its Z ability can be aimed at the Strategic Orber (not the ground below). The range is just big enough for the Strategic Orber to be hit. However, the DPS is very low.
  • Nearly every other mode is not recommended for the Strategic Orber.


  • The Strategic Orber was originally created just before a gamenight hosted by the SGFE staff on 1 September 2020. As is usual when the SGFE devs work on tasks with deadlines, it was rushed and caused delays and bugs.
  • The Strategic Orber had 30000 HP on the first day while the devs were testing it. It was reduced to 15000 HP at the same time as all other boss health reductions in early September 2020.
  • The Strategic Orber takes inspiration from several military aircraft, but is not a copy of any real plane.
    • The wings, engine placement, and tail resemble a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III or a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy. Both of these are military transport aircraft and do not normally drop anything during flight. Also, the Strategic Orber's wings attach below the midline of the fuselage whereas both real-life planes have wings that attach near the top of the fuselage.
    • The actual type of plane it is supposed to be, a strategic bomber, is filled by planes such as a Boeing B-29 Superfortress (which has 4 propellers and is WWII-era) or a Boeing B-52 Stratofortress (which has 8 engines as 4 pairs and has wings that are considerably swept backwards).
  • Real-life strategic bombers do not fly low enough to the ground that an observer can count the number of engines. They are usually several kilometers up when performing missions.
  • At the time that the Strategic Orber was added, the devs were not aware of any aircraft with a forward-firing laser.