Star Glitcher FE Wiki


SHD is a Spectrum mode accessed from Purity with N.


SHD Still Shot.png

SHD's primary color is light blue.

An SHD user hovers in a relaxed pose. Their right arm is angled outwards slightly and their left arm is angled inwards as if they have one hand on their hip. They appear to be looking towards something in the bottom right of their view.


SHD has six wings in a rotor configuration. Half of the rotor is light blue and the other half is pink.


SHD has two sets of ground slashes: an inner white set and an outer light blue set.

Light blue streaks rise out of the ground near an SHD user.


SHD is quite fast and has two highly damaging attacks. Both attacks have start delays, or "warmups", during which the user is immobilized, so an SHD user should use the mode's speed and attack range to their advantage.


SHD has two abilities (Z and V).

Z - Velocitified Plasma Burst

SHD Z Attack.gif

The SHD user charges a light blue orb in their left arm. One of the following messages will appear in a pop-up in the list below:

  • How cute.
  • Plasmatic Burst!
  • Suffer to the brightness.

After 1 second, a burst of light occurs and the orb flies towards the mouse position. The orb explodes upon impact and releases pink and light blue arcs. The explosion does about 150 damage.

SHD's Z attack has a 5 second cooldown and adds a fair amount to the abuse meter.

V - Ion Beam

This ability cannot be used within the first 30 seconds of spawning. The SHD user points forwards, then crosses their arms for the duration of the attack. A pop-up displaying the message Ready? appears.

After a short delay, eight translucent light blue pillars appear sequentially around the mouse position. When all eight pillars (laser beams) have appeared, they become larger and more opaque.

SHD using the V attack

Another pop-up, displaying Aim... appears. Over the course of 3 seconds, the beams spiral inwards, leaving a glowing trail behind them and dealing about 20 damage to nearby characters multiple times per second.

When the beams converge at the center, they are replaced by a larger pink/white beam. Large squares form at the base of this beam and radiate outwards. This is accompanied by a pop-up displaying Fire!, but despite this, no damage occurs during this fraction of a second.

Soon afterwards, the beam instantly widens and the ground is inundated by pink, light blue, and white squares and arcs, all in the large blast radius, which is somewhat larger than the inner ring spawn area. Any character within the area will take damage (up to several thousand, making it an instant kill confirm on players) depending on their proximity to the center of the beam. After 2.5 seconds, the effects cease and the beam gradually disperses.

The abuse meter is almost completely filled (similar to Fallen X's V) and a 35 second cooldown is set.

The SHD user sits down for about 4 seconds after the end of the attack. Only after the four seconds are finished does the user return to their normal idle pose and regain the ability to move.


  • 【DnB】Dollscythe_-_Flashes_(Extended)

    【DnB】Dollscythe - Flashes (Extended)

    SHD's theme is Dollscythe - Flashes.
  • SHD's V ability is a reference to the Ion Cannon in the Command and Conquer series.
  • SHD's V ability has the second longest cooldown in the entire game (Destruction's V is the first). Including the 6 seconds before the actual explosion, the user cannot perform any other attacks for 41 seconds.
  • SHD formerly had the second highest damage in the game, being beaten only by NanoDeath and on average would deal around 8,000-9,000 damage. Its V ability was stripped of several thousand damage, but is still viable for eliminating spawnkillers.
  • SHD may have been inspired by Sound Volblox, a rhythm game on Roblox. Flashes is one of the selectable songs and it has a high "SHD" count.
  • Another name for the SHD mode in other Glitcher games was Purity X or Purity II.