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Reality is a mode on the Cosmic side. It is accessed by pressing E.



Reality's primary color flashes randomly from a choice of: red, yellow, green, and blue. All multicolored visuals related to this mode use these four colors.

A Reality user levitates in a vertical position with their arms crossed in front of them.


Reality has twelve wings. The small wings form two triplets (red and yellow), similar to Violence, as well as the small wings of Alpha or Destruction. The large wings (green and blue) form a compass, like Theories. It's the only other mode to have wings like that.


Small multicolored streaks rise out of the ground near a Reality user.

Multicolored particles are emitted by the user's legs.

When a user transforms into Reality, a loud sound effect plays, a glowing pillar of red and yellow appears at the user's position, and multicolored orbs spiral upwards. This is comparable to Spacetime's transformation.


Reality has two attacks and is quite fast, so it is a good mode for any situation. However, unless a critical hit occurs, it is very difficult to instantly kill another player. Reality users should attack quickly and move quickly so that the opponent cannot counterattack.


Reality has two attacks: Z and X.


Reality Z Attack.gif

Press Z to mark a total of three multicolored rings at different positions. After a short delay, a beam of multicolored light appears at each ring and nearby characters are damaged. The damaging radius is approximately twice that of the marked ring.

It usually takes all three rings in order to kill another player.


Reality X Attack.gif

Press X to crouch and form a large multicolored ring around the user. A text box with multicolored text that reads "NO ESCAPE FROM REALITY" will appear. After about one second, a multicolored explosion occurs at the user's position. Like the Z ability, the damaging radius is larger than the radius of the ring.

This attack is unlikely to instantly kill another player at full health.


  • Reality's colors closely resemble Microsoft's colors.
  • Reality has a chance to turn into Fantasy, a recolor of Reality with light pink and blue colors.
    • Fantasy was a conceptual mode in a mode addition poll. Fantasy lost (heavily) to Hatred and Spacetime.
    • Fantasy was probably chosen as Reality's Rare Mode because Fantasy is the opposite of Reality.
    • Fantasy's music is Team Grimoire - Fallen Star
  • Reality's music is Getsix - Sky Fracture.
    • Previously, its music was identical to Multi-Diversial's music, Yooh - Dignity.

      Fantasy (Image by NicoleMew. Roblox Username: NicoleUnikitty)


Getsix - Sky Fracture