Star Glitcher FE Wiki

Rainbow Effect.gif

Rainbow is a Spectrum side mode accessed by pressing J. When switching to rainbow, a message will appear on the screen that says "Rainbow!"


Rainbow has six color changing wings, note that the image was taken during Rainbow's purple to red phase. There are also streaks coming out of the ground. When running, the character will do the Naruto run.


Rainbow Z Attack.gif

Rainbow has one ability.

Z - Influx Rainbow Beam

This ability fires off a laser controllable by the cursor that flashes different colors. This ability combined with Rainbow's fast speed can prove formidable in the right hands, as it deals over 100 damage if all goes well. You can move during this attack too.


  • Rainbow is the only mode that utilizes the J key.
  • Rainbow's base colors are identical to Fallen X. This can be seen by fusing it with any mode that has no "back wings" using Fusion Glitches. Read Extra Features for more info on Fusions.

Rainbow with Fusion

Rainbow without Fusion, this can relate to any mode that has "bigger wings" such as Crazed, Unknown, etc.

Rainbow is the only base Spectrum mode without a single submode.

  • The music played is Camellia - Speedrun.
  • The shape under the big text when you transform into Rainbow appears to be the Player or Cyan's Till It's Over form from Just Shapes and Beats.
  • You can change the color to Rainbow if attacks from Mayhem, Violence (including Violence?), Purity, Divinity, Infestation, SHD, Unstable (only if you are quick), Alpha (only Z), Multi-Diversial, Ace-Of-Spades, and Spacetime are used and you switch to Rainbow before the attack ends. (anything else is either too slow to change to Rainbow or the attack has an intricate animation where switching is not able to be done.)
  • In many other glitcher scripts, the music for Rainbow is Rainbow Tylenol by The Quick Brown Fox.
  • In some other glitchers, Rainbow also has a submode called Aesthetic.
    • Aesthetic's pose was unique, as it was the only one known to be floating and laying down. The mode with the pose closest to this would be Euclidean.