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Plague is a Spectrum mode accessed from Infestation with M.


RobloxScreenShot20200208 130632595.png

Plague's main color is green.

A Plague user stands with their right arm at a slight angle and their left arm folded across their chest. When moving, they use a slow walk.


Plague has six wings, three light green and three dark green. They form a rotor which spins much more slowly than other modes.


A Plague user oozes a neon green, slightly translucent puddle at their feet.

A Plague user's left hand emits neon green particles.

Neon green streaks emerge from the ground surrounding a Plague user.


Plague is extremely slow, but has a jumping attack that allows for some mobility. However, it has a significant cooldown, and Plague should not be expected to do too much dodging.


Plague has a single ability (Z).


Plague Z Attack.gif

Upon pressing Z, the character leaps into the air at a diagonal in the direction the user is facing. A voice line saying "Get crushed!" (although this voice line sounds like "You can't run!") will also play. The user slows down and eventually comes straight down, but can turn and move slightly while airborne. The user flips over and over until they land on the ground. Note that it is possible to bounce back up before the actual landing occurs.

Upon landing on the ground. a massive explosion surrounds the Plague user. Dark green arcs rapidly expand outwards while neon green streaks rise out of the ground inside the explosion. Any characters inside the explosion take severe damage.

This move can be glitched to explode instantly under the right circumstances.

This move's cooldown is over 10 seconds long and also fills the abuse bar halfway, and so cannot be spammed easily.



XI - Blue Zenith

  • Plague's theme is Xi - Blue Zenith.
  • In the unedited glitcher script which SGFE's script is based on, Plague was originally called "Plagues".
  • Plague replaced Idols as Infestation's M submode and was originally on the Diversial side. The change occurred on February 2, 2020.
  • Some time in early February 2020, Plague's wings changed from two triplets (like Violence) to the current rotor.