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The Orb is the first boss of SGFE. A large grey orb rolls around the map and instills terror in all who witness it.


The only objective is to kill the Orb (and additionally to prevent the Orb from killing you). There are no time limits or other restrictions.


The Orb has 20000 HP.

The Orb moves towards the nearest player. It is approximately the same speed as Mayhem. If it touches a character (a player, a dummy, a drooling zombie, etc.) it will break its joints and kill it regardless of health, play a sound effect saying "pitiful," and grow slightly (only in Normal mode). The Orb starts at 16 studs across and is capable of growing to a diameter of 100 studs before it turns red and cannot expand any further by normal means. The Orb becomes increasingly lethargic as it expands, and may stop rolling altogether.

The Orb ignores Sanctuary users and players using Divinity's X ability (shield) and cannot kill them.

Revengeance Changes

  • The Orb gains two abilities, both indicated by a brief white flash and an audio cue:
    1. The Orb dashes in a straight line towards its target and may overshoot it. It can be fooled if the target moves in a curve. This has a 9 second cooldown.
    2. The Orb jumps directly above its target (regardless of distance) and attempts to crush them after a 1.5 second delay. This has a 15 second cooldown.
  • All cooldowns become gradually shorter as the Orb loses health. Cooldowns can reach a minimum of 50% of their original cooldown.
  • The Orb becomes faster. Its base speed increases and it also speeds up depending on distance to target and how much health the Orb has lost. Walking modes, such as Mayhem, become much more vulnerable.

Lunatic Changes

  • The Orb gains an orbiting translucent purple Orb. Like the original grey Orb, this purple Orb also kills characters it contacts. One purple Orb is added after every spell card activation. The purple Orbs orbit faster and farther as the Orb's health decreases.
  • Revengeance ability 2 predicts the future position of its target and jumps above that position.
  • The Orb gains one ability. It spawns 7 translucent purple Orbs which move in the direction of the Orb. The purple orbs are arranged in a straight line perpendicular to their motion. This has a 12 second cooldown.
  • The Orb becomes even faster.

Spell Cards

The Orb has two spell cards in Lunatic mode. All bullets spawned by the Orb are spherical and have the Orb's face.

Orb Fusion

This spell card is activated at 67% HP and lasts 20 seconds.

Every 5 seconds, the Orb spawns 8 massive red bullets in an octagonal arrangement, followed by another 8 a second later. These red bullets deal 1000000 damage and are essentially instakills.

For 3 seconds after spawning the red bullets, the Orb spawns blue bullets in a rotating triangular arrangement. These blue bullets drift outwards at a random velocity. They deal 60 damage each.

Orb Creation

This spell card is activated at 33% HP and lasts 20 seconds.

Every 4 seconds, the Orb spawns 2 waves (clockwise and counter-clockwise) of ornaments. Each ornament is composed of:

  • 1 large yellow ornament that deals 300 damage
  • 5 green ornaments that deal 100 damage each
  • 5 blue ornaments that deal 100 damage each
  • 1 trailing yelow ornament that deals 200 damage

The ornaments are initially compact and form an impassable wall but spread out as they move to the edge of the spell area and reveal gaps.


  • There is only one target, so the area affected by an ability does not matter.
  • The following modes are recommended for the Orb:
    • SHD - It is easy to keep a good distance away from the Orb since it moves slowly (unless in Revengeance mode), so using the V ability is safe. The Z ability's ridiculously high damage is also a great option for killing the Orb quickly in both modes.
    • Destruction - The beam from the V ability can be aimed on the Orb from a far distance away.
    • Roentgen - Its Z ability deals consistent damage over a wide area. Although other abilities have higher DPS, it can be difficult to aim at the Orb, especially if effects from multiple players are obscuring it.
    • Fallen X - Although not especially useful, the insanely large AoE of it's V ability is convenient when the Orb is far away and following another player. However, be careful that the Orb does not switch its target to you during your 6 second charge-up.
    • Catastrophe - Its Z ability is able to keep the Orb trapped momentarily (even in Revengeance mode), allowing for a more damaging move (such as SHD's V) to be used on the Orb by another player.
  • The following modes are not recommended for the Orb:
    • NanoDeath - The Orb does not have a torso and the attack will fail since there is nothing for the hologram to hug.
    • Vanta-X - Both the Z and V abilities bring the orb too close to the user, making it likely for the user to be consumed.
    • Nova - The Orb faces a random direction as it rolls. It is essentially impossible to predict which direction it will be facing when the V ability is used.

Revengeance Strategies

  • Pay attention to the Orb's ability cooldowns. Don't get stuck with an ability when the Orb uses Revengeance ability 2 and jumps on you.
  • The following modes are no longer recommended for the Orb in Revengeance mode:
    • FallenX - Its V should not be used if the Orb is targetting you in Revengeance mode, as the Orb is likely to stomp on you (regardless of distance) before the move can deal damage.
    • Roentgen - Its viability changes in Revengeance mode, where it is a much more risky choice as the Orb is much faster and can stop Roentgen's Z or get out of range far more quickly.
    • Destruction - The Orb can either stomp Destruction out of the sky during it's V ability or quickly reach it during the ability's end lag, so it is not as safe of a choice unless the Orb is pursuing another player.
  • In general, always be moving.

Lunatic Strategies

  • Due to the first spell card, every slow mode is unusable.
  • Rainbow is a good choice for Lunatic mode. It is fast enough to evade the bullets in the spell cards and can use its ranged beam attack while moving. DPS is quite low however. You also need to be careful towards the end because the Orb's speed increases to nearly the same as Rainbow's.
  • Do not weave between the purple Orbs of the Lunatic ability unless absolutely necessary. Lag makes the hitboxes unreliable and it is unnecessary risk regardless. Moving to the side and letting all the purple Orbs pass you is much safer.
  • Lag makes the hitboxes of all bullets in spell cards unreliable, especially the front and back sides of bullets. It is best to position yourself early in a spot where bullets will pass you safely even if you get a ping spike.
  • In both spell cards, stay near the edge of the spell area.
  • During Orb Fusion, the first spell card, give yourself ample distance from the red bullets. The hitbox is slightly smaller than the visible red surface but lag can still cause you to be hit. When moving sideways between waves of red bullets, do it slowly and in multiple steps. If you move sideways in one big step you may collide into the back side of the previous wave's red bullet.
  • During Orb Creation, the second spell card, focus on the large central bullet of each ornament and position yourself equally spaced between two ornaments. It is better to stand on the left or right sides of the ornament waves so that the two waves pass you at different times and you can adjust your position if needed. However, if you find that the two waves will intersect at your location, it is too late to move to the side and your best bet is to fit carefully between two ornaments.


  • The Orb was part of the April Events. It now requires deliberate activation and no longer spawnkills.
  • There was a known bug where the minigame is permanently frozen if the Orb falls off the map. This has been fixed.
  • Prior to 1 September 2020, the Orb had 50000 HP in normal mode and started with 15000 HP (increasing by 2500 HP per player) in Revengeance mode.
  • Prior to 29 March 2021, the Orb started with 7500 HP (increasing by 2500 HP per player) in Revengeance mode. The devs decided to reduce the health because public servers with uncoordinated people took too long to clear the Orb.
  • As of 29 March 2021, the Orb has the same amount of health, 20000 HP, in every mode.
  • The face on the Orb comes from a character named Cytus, who was created by Lunnekoo. Cytus is the canonical user of Galaxy Glitcher, a different glitcher script.
  • The Orb originated from an inside joke among SGFE devs and other glitcher creators.
  • The "pitiful" said by the Orb comes from another script which is popular in script builder games, known as Karma.
  • The Lunatic difficulty and the spell cards are stolen from Touhou, a series of PC-98 and Windows bullet hell games by ZUN.
    • Orb Fusion, the first Orb spell card, is a blatant ripoff of the first spell card (Atomic Fire "Uncontainable Nuclear Reaction") of Utsuho Reiuji, the stage 6 boss of Touhou 11.
    • Orb Creation, the second Orb spell card, is a blatant ripoff of the first non-spell of Keiki Haniyasushin, the stage 6 boss of Touhou 17.
      • Orb Creation is modified slightly because SGFE devs found during testing that two full waves of ornaments caused too much lag, so the waves were thinned and made to alternate.