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NanoDeath is a mode for Star Glitcher on the Spectrum side accessed from Love (press N).


Image By Jeffuse

A NanoDeath user has their hands behind their back and their legs crossed in front of them.


NanoDeath has six small pink wings in a standard wing arrangement and six large translucent red wings in a rotor arrangement.

Due to the transparency of the large wings and the red trails that they leave, a NanoDeath user often appears to be surrounded by a ring, as seen in the image.


NanoDeath has two types of ground rings: a small white ring and a large pink ring.

Pink streaks rise from the ground near a NanoDeath user.


NanoDeath's only special ability is extremely difficult to target other players with and is not very practical. Nonetheless, a NanoDeath user's aura is intimidating and losing to such a user is a severe embarrassment.


NanoDeath has a single ability (Z).


Pressing Z will cause the user to lean forwards. After a slight delay, a translucent pink heart will appear in front of the user and drift towards the mouse position. The first character touched by this heart will be attacked.

The attack immobilizes the target, and causes a translucent pink character (hologram) to rise out of the ground. The hologram hugs the target, dealing 9999 damage (19998 if a critical hit). After the hug, the hologram disappears.

If the target is invincible (such as a Sanctuary user), it may remain immobilized even after the attack has ended.

The attack has a 7 second cooldown from the moment the heart is released, but does not increase the abuse meter.



【Lolicore】 LeaF ~ NANO DEATH!!!!!

  • NanoDeath's music is "NANO DEATH!!!!!" by LeaF, hence the mode name.
  • NanoDeath's Z ability was added on August 12, 2019.