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Multi-Diversial is the default mode for the Diversial side accessed by pressing Q on Mayhem.



Multi-Diversial has twelve wings, all a bright purple. Instead of the large wings being on the outside, this time they're on the inside with the small wings circling around them. A distinct purple circle texture appears over the player too, with that same effect being used on Idols and Brilliance. Strangely, the left hand sparks have their own unique color (bright pink) not used anywhere else on the mode.


Multi-Diversial is really fast, and one of the fastest glitches accessible with just one key-press, making it easy to run away from spawn instantly upon spawning and kill any potential spawnkillers. It has one move, Z.

Z - Beam of Death

Pressing Z will spawn a purple beam at the user's mouse position, which slowly gets smaller and less transparent. After a few seconds the beam will get bigger and produce a massive explosion on the ground for about 5 seconds and shoot cubes up from the ground which have white trails, no collision, and take the material of the object you are standing on. The explosion does a high amount of damage and leaves behind risen cubes on the ground that emit purple particles, and also have the material of the object you are standing on. The ground goes back to normal after a few seconds.

During the charge up of the explosion the user is slowed down to about the speed of Brilliance.

This functions in a way similar to SHD's beam of incineration, though comically slower, with a smaller radius, and significantly less damage. Although, it does have significantly less abuse value and cooldown, it doesn't leave the character immobile, and it lasts somewhat longer.

Multi-Diversial's death ray.


  • Multi-Diversial's music is Yooh - Dignity.
  • Multi-Diversial's wings and effects (minus the circle decal) were reused for The Big Black.
  • Multi-Diversial is the only mode to have its corresponding side in its name.
  • Multi-Diversial has one rare form, nil.
    • nil's theme was the full version of Team Grimoire - 牢獄STRIP.
      • nil's current theme is Team Grimoire - CrimZon Dragoon
    • nil is the second form to have an entirely lowercase name, the first being broken.
  • The color of particles emitted from the user's hand can be changed if fused with a different Diversial mode.
  • Multi-Diversial shares the same move as Nahid from Earthy Glitcher, another star glitcher edit.