Star Glitcher FE Wiki

There is a wide variety of "glitcher scripts" found in various places on Roblox. They may have different features due to different developers contributing to them. Below is a list of the modes found in this game, Star Glitcher: FE Version.

About Modes

Modes, also known as glitches or forms, are the things that the user switches between. Modes can be accessed by pressing buttons on the keyboard. Modes have a certain appearance, usually in the form of wings or effects unique to that mode.

Many modes have special abilities. They are usually activated by pressing the Z, X, or V keys. All glitches except Sanctuary have click attacks. There are three click attacks which repeat in a cycle: a projectile attack, a dash that leaves blasts in its wake, and an explosion of energy. You start with the projectile attack when you spawn.

There are eight modes without any special abilities. Death, Sanctuary (which is invincible), Twisted, Industrial, Divergence, Idols, Eternal, and Broken.

The tables below list all modes for the four sides: Spectrum, Diversial, Cosmic, and Fundamental.

There are 57 modes in total (41 in Spectrum, 11 in Diversial, 4 in Cosmic, and 3 in Fundamental) but only 53 are available to all players.

Modes listed with parentheses next to another mode are variants with different colors but the same abilities. They are bound to the same key but have a rarer chance of appearing. See Rare Modes for more information.

Not all modes listed here are accessible by everyone. The restricted modes are:


  • Cosmic, prior to the February update, was called Galactic.
  • Diversial isn't a word in the English dictionary, so it's unknown where the side came from.
    • It was present in the original Star Glitcher V7 script before SGFE involvement.

Notes for Editors

Note: When creating or editing a page, try to stick to the format in other pages. Headings are appreciated. Finding and listing the music for each mode is also helpful.

Mode List

Spectrum Side (Default)
Mode Key Presses
Mayhem Default (Q from any other Spectrum mode)
Death Mayhem > B
Vindictive (Animus, Vindication) Death > B (The Chosen Ones only)
Moderative Death > N (Mods only)
Administrative Death > M (Creator / Administrative gamepass only)
Nature Mayhem > N
Violence (Violence?) Mayhem > M
Purity E
Explosion Purity > B
SHD Purity > N
Sanctuary Purity > M
Corruption (Crimson) R
The Big Black (The Mediocrely-Sized Black) Corruption > N
Vanta-X Corruption > M
Chaos T
Unknown (Surreptitious) Chaos > B
Crazed Chaos > N
Theories (Theories?) Chaos > M
Divinity Y
Fallen X Divinity > N
Equinox U
Industrial Equinox > B
Unstable Equinox > N
Twisted Equinox > M
Destiny F
Omega Destiny > N
Alpha Omega > N
Calamity Destiny > M
Kalamari Calamity > N (Kalamari only)
Catastrophe Calamity > M
Cataclysm Catastrophe > N
Mythical Catastrophe > M
Infestation G
Nuclear Infestation > N
Roentgen Nuclear > N
Plague Infestation > M
Love H
NanoDeath Love > N
Rainbow J
Brilliance K
Pandora Brilliance > N
Diversial Side (Mayhem (Q) > Q)
Mode Key Presses
Multi-Diversial (nil) Default (Q from any other Diversial mode)
Clarity (Complexity) E
Memer (SUGOMA) R
Binary T
Error (SYSTEM_???) Binary > N
Hatred Y
Divergence F
Ace-of-Spades G
Idols H
Cosmic Side (Destiny (F) > B)
Mode Key Presses
Nova Default (Q from any other Cosmic mode)
Reality (Fantasy) E
Eternal R
broken T
Fundamental Side (Divinity (Y) > M)
Mode Key Presses
Euclidean Default (Q from any other Fundamental mode)
Destruction E
Spacetime (Oblivion) R