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Love is a mode in Star Glitcher. It is on the Spectrum side and is accessible by pressing H.

Press N while in Love mode to become Nanodeath.


Image By Jeffuse

Love's main color is pink.

A Love user looks downwards and has their hands clasped in front of them. They walk slowly and always maintain this posture.

A Love user's face appears to be blushing.


Love has three small pink wings arranged radially on the right side.


Love periodically emits a circular wave of pink on the ground and spawns a number of heart particles.

Like Binary, The ring behind a Love user's head shifts slowly.


Love walks rather slowly, meaning it performs poorly in fights. Notably, it is the only mode with an ability that heals other characters. However, it is still capable of damaging with basic attacks.

Z Ability

Press Z to hug a character in front of the user. The target is grabbed and gains 250 health (500 if it is a critical heal). Note that the range is quite small, so the user must be directly against the target for it to work.

When hugging, the Love user will say one of the following lines in the pop-up.

  • "I...I'm interested in you"
  • "I'm sorry...if I hurt you..."
  • "Don't worry...I'm with you"

Also, the space above the user will say the name of the hugged character, followed by "~~".

Due to this healing ability, Love is absolutely, certainly, and undoubtedly the most powerful mode in Star Glitcher.



Main Theme - Doki Doki Vsauce Club (SGFE Version)

  • Love's music is by a number of artists and is titled Main Theme - Doki Doki Vsauce Club.
  • A YouTuber named maki Ligon was inspired to create this and did most of the work. Full attribution is in the description of the video.
  • In a previous version of Star Glitcher, the mode which was the precursor to Love was called U-K-E and was orange in color. The High Council of SGFE discourages mentioning that mode in any discussion. Dissidents will be removed from reality, with increasing consequences for repeat offenders.