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"The council will decide your fate."

Kalamari is an exclusive Spectrum mode accessed from Calamity by pressing N.



A Kalamari user's pose is identical to that of a Calamity user's. Their arms are angled outwards and their body is turned to their right.

Kalamari's primary color is yellow.


Kalamari has six wings in two triplets, like Violence and Nuclear. The inner triplet is a brighter shade of yellow while the outer triplet is duller.


Kalamari is among the few modes with no effects, along with Mayhem, Moderative, and Memer.


Kalamari is as fast as Crazed and has two powerful attacks (although one of them is intended as a joke). However, unlike Vindictive, Moderative, and Administrative, the other restricted modes, it is normally not invincible.


Kalamari has Z and V attacks.

Z - Moai

Kalamari's Z.gif

The user points forwards while a large yellow disk expands outwards from the clicked position. A large stone head (moai) falls from the sky. After 2.5 seconds, it impacts and causes a large explosion dealing damage rivaling that of certain V abilities.

The move deals an extraordinary amount of damage (~2500) relative to its cooldown (8 seconds).

V - He Comes



The user crosses their arms while "Here comes the Moai." is displayed in a pop-up. An even larger moai appears in the sky over the user and slowly descends. Wedding music plays.

The moai takes 294 seconds to land. When it lands, everything on the server takes 1 000 000 damage, all players have their screen flash yellow, and the user dies from the abuse generated by the move. If a player survives, the screen shaking lasts for nearly 17 seconds.

The user is invincible for the duration of the ability.

If the user dies before the end of the ability, the moai disappears but the music remains.


  • Scourge_of_the_Kazooniverse_("Scourge_of_the_Universe"_Kazoo_cover)

    Scourge of the Kazooniverse ("Scourge of the Universe" Kazoo cover)

    Kalamari's theme is DM DOKURO/Yairdude - Scourge of the Kazooniverse.
  • Kalamari is based on a rank from a Discord server based on the Silent Glitcher called "moai squad."
  • Kalamari's signature quote is likely a reference to a fairly popular image of 5 men wearing traffic cones on their head saying that line.
  • Kalamari's name is intentionally spelled wrong. Not really any new information, but to some unaware of "jokes", it is spelled like that on purpose.
  • Kalamari is the only publicly known mode to use its font.
  • Because of its nature as a Chosen One mode, Kalamari's "He Comes" is likely usable beyond the outer ring.