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Hatred is a mode on the Diversial side. Hatred can be accessed from Multi-Diversial by pressing Y.


Hatred Still Shot-0.png

A Hatred user's left arm is raised to their head, similar to Mayhem. However, the user levitates in the air. The user's right arm is pointing forward.


Hatred has 3 large wings, a trait shared only by one other mode, Vindictive. These wings don't have trails, are black and are arranged in a triangle behind the user. The small wings are red and in a triangle in-line with the ring behind the user.


A Hatred user's right arm emits both red and black particles.


Hatred is quite slow compared to many others, so dodging attacks may be difficult.


Hatred has a single ability (Z).

Hatred Z Attack.gif


Pressing Z will cause the user to descend to the ground and create a rotating spiral pattern of red and black dots. These dots explode about 1 second after placement, and do about 40 damage each. The entire attack takes about 2 seconds. This attack has no cooldown, making it a formidable glitch to stay away from. Despite the lack of a cooldown, spamming the move isn't recommended because it fills the abuse bar very quickly.



ParagonX9 - Chaoz Impact

  • Hatred's music is "Chaoz Impact" by ParagonX9.
  • Hatred was added on August 12, 2019.
  • Hatred was one of two winning modes among those voted for that update, along with Spacetime.
    • Hatred was named Hate in the mode poll rather than Hatred. On the poll, it was represented with a thunder cloud emote.