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The Generic Wave Survival Minigame is a multistage survival minigame that gets progressively more difficult as it continues. It is activated using the green disk.


The objective in the Generic Wave Survival Minigame is to survive waves of increasingly tough drooling zombies by wiping out all of them before the timer runs out.


Each wave lasts two minutes. For the first minute, drooling zombies appear around the spawn area. If at least one drooling zombie remains after the timer is up, the wave is failed, everyone dies, and the minigame ends.

The wave indicator, showing the new wave and health multiplier.

If, on the other hand, no drooling zombies remain at some point before the end of the two minutes, the wave is over, a 20 second break ensues, and the next wave begins soon afterwards.

Drooling zombies chase after players and deal damage to them if close enough. Additionally, they come in numerous variants.


Wave 1 starts with 10 drooling zombies in the pool. Each wave adds 5 to this pool.

Drooling zombies start with 100 HP, which increases by 22.1% every wave. The basic drooling zombie deals 5 damage every 1/6 seconds, or 30 DPS. Rarer drooling zombie variants have a greater health and damage multiplier.

Table of Variants
Name Chance Health Multiplier Damage Multiplier
(default) 50% 1x 1x
Copper 15% 2x 1.5x
Silver 13% 2.5x 1.65x
Gold 8% 3x 1.8x
Ruby 4% 4.5x 2.1x
Sapphire 3% 5.5x 2.25x
Emerald 2.5% 6.5x 2.4x
Diamond 1.5% 7.5x 2.6x
Obsidian 1.2% 8.5x 2.9x
Amethyst 0.8% 10x 3.2x
Phantom 0.9% 12x 3.5x
Roentgenium 0.09% 25x 10x
Eternal 0.01% 100x 50x

Revengeance Changes

  • The maximum health of the Drooling Zombies is multiplied by 1.5.
  • Drooling Zombies are faster and will jump if their target is above them.
  • The number of zombies per wave increases (wave 1 starts with 10 and each additional wave adds 10). However, the total number is capped at 100 per wave.
  • Later waves have a higher chance of spawning rarer, more challenging zombies.
  • All zombies spawn within 15 seconds.
  • The time limit for every wave is increased to 3 minutes.
  • In later waves, zombies spawn in clusters due to a bug ("unintended feature"), which can potentially result in several Roentgenium or Eternal zombies spawning at once.


  • Damage is the name of the game. Early in the wave, abilities with a large area of effect are useful for removing the majority of the drooling zombies. Focused, highly-damaging attacks should be used on the remaining enemies with more health.
  • The drooling zombies are quite slow and usually require swarming an unresponsive player in order to kill them. Maintaining distance at all times is a good idea.
  • Large area-of-effect attacks or server nukes should be saved for after the 1 minute mark, so that all drooling zombies will exist in the map at the time they are used.
  • Always check behind the rule boards and the signs on inactive minigame disks. Drooling zombies often get stuck there.
  • The following modes are recommended for the Generic Wave Survival Minigame:
    • NanoDeath - Although its Z is buggy and often does not work, it is often the only viable option if a roentgenium/eternal drooling zombie appears late during a wave. Its Z has the highest DPS out of all abilities in the game.
    • Destruction - If the V ability is used for nearly the maximum duration possible, the beam becomes large enough to hit most drooling zombies near the spawn area. Note that a Destruction user cannot move after using the V ability, so maintain distance or have another player lead the drooling zombies away.
    • SHD - Most drooling zombies will fall within the innermost hitbox of the V ability and take severe damage. An SHD user should be far away from the drooling zombies, keeping in mind the long duration of immobility. SHD's Z ability is also a good option due to its high damage and low cooldown.
    • Vanta-X - Its V ability has a small hitbox but deals heavy damage over time. It also has a very low cooldown for a V ability.
    • Nova - Drooling zombies always turn to face the nearest player, making the V ability highly effective as long as there are no players nearby to distract them.
    • Crazed - Although its V ability deals less DPS than more modest moves, it is a good finisher during the last few seconds, when time is precious.
    • Roentgen - Its Z ability deals consistent damage over a wide area. It is good for eliminating weaker drooling zombies near the beginning of a wave.
  • The following modes are less effective:
    • Fallen X - Its Z ability often explodes in the air away from the target and its V ability does the least damage out of all V abilities in the game. The drooling zombies only exist within a small distance of the spawn area, making its entire-server range useless.
    • Mythical - The swords from its Z ability fall unpredictably. Some targets take multiple hits while others are unaffected.
    • Mayhem - Its Z ability requires specific (and rare) conditions to deal damage and its X ability has low DPS since it takes so long. However, the Z ability can be useful in later waves since it is capable of instantly killing the drooling zombies once they are at low health.
  • Although the legitimacy of this strategy is debatable, the Orb's ability to instantly kill any character it rolls into can be used to reach very high wave numbers, where drooling zombies have too much health for players to kill.

Revengeance Strategies

  • The Strategic Orber's bombing runs and lasers do serious damage. However, it is more inconvenient to dodge than the Orb.
  • They move too quickly and are too unpredictable to be used during this minigame.


  • Phantom drooling zombies are translucent.
  • Roentgenium drooling zombies have 8 blue diamonds spinning around them. This is similar to the effect on the Violence or Vanta-X modes.
  • Eternal drooling zombies emanate bright pink clouds/mist.
  • The Generic Wave Survival Minigame intentionally parodies certain other games on Roblox.
  • Many of the enemy variants are based on types of zombies in Zombie Rush.
    • Since silver and gold variants exist, copper was added to complement them.
    • Since copper exists, roentgenium was added to complete the Group 11 elements of the periodic table.
      • In real life, roentgenium is most likely not bright blue.
      • The roentgenium drooling zombie most likely inspired the creation of Roentgen.
  • The GUI which appears above the heads of nearby drooling zombies is based on the enemy GUI in Dungeon Quest.
    • When an enemy dies, the text in their health bar briefly switches to "DEAD" before disappearing.
  • There are different wave survival records depending on criteria:
    • The wave survival record without using any mod powers is unknown, but is likely in the low 20s.
    • In a multiplayer server and using mod powers, the record is wave 58. This was achieved by using Vindictive's Z and removing the ground. There is no absolute limit on waves but the server crashed at wave 59.
    • In a solo server, with Revengeance mode, and using mod powers, the record is wave 75. Reaching that wave took 1 hour and involved Vindictive plus help from mod-only bosses.