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Below are a list of questions you may have about Star Glitcher: FE Version (SGFE). Hopefully, this article will be helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes SGFE?

The main game dev and owner of SGFE is loplkc. Occasionally, other devs will help with adding certain features. The devs all agree that each and every one of them is lazy, so don't always expect them to work regularly on the game.

What is SGFE based on?

On Roblox, there is a type of game called a script builder. Essentially, these games allow players to write their own Roblox Lua code, upload it, and play the code in-game. The original Star Glitcher (from which all glitcher games are derived, either in code or in concept) was a script intended to be used in a script builder. Over a long period of time, different people have taken the script and made their own edits to it. SGFE (and other glitcher games) are standalone games which have a glitcher script as their core element. The version SGFE uses is based on Version 7 of the Star Glitcher script.

What are these other glitcher games?

There are too many of them on Roblox to count. Anyone can take one of the many glitcher scripts released on Roblox and use it to make their own glitcher game. Notable glitcher games (whose creators are affiliated with SGFE and have a unique rank in the SGFE group) include:

  • SG:LC editor place by doz_koob / divineMoai is a glitcher game featuring Silent Glitcher and a Silent Glitcher mode editor that allows people to customize their own forms. It is a continuation of star glitcher edit: silence [FE] , a glitcher with a large number of unique modes and abilities, which unfortunately was taken down. The Silent Glitcher wiki can be accessed here.
  • // NI-CISYNIA // test place by divineMoai is a glitcher game featuring an original glitcher using a different framework. It is the successor to Silent Glitcher. Key features are detailed visual effects and the ability to fly. The NI-CISYNIA wiki can be accessed here.
  • Stratospheric Glitcher [Official] by StratosphericAero is a glitcher game featuring a varied selection of music and launchable wings as projectile attacks. Two glitchers: Stratospheric Glitcher and Hemispheric Glitcher, are usable. Hemispheric Glitcher is the successor to Stratospheric Glitcher. A developer's account was compromised, resulting in it being released. Afterwards, StratosphericAero decided to leave the game as copyable. Stratospheric has recently re-opened, Anyone may access the game again.
  • Empathetical Glitcher by OGNintendofan is a glitcher game featuring Empathetical Glitcher, an authorized spinoff of Hemispheric Glitcher (it was created before the release incident). It has several experimental attacks, mode effects, and wing patterns.
  • Axiom Glitcher Testing by Helkern is a glitcher game featuring a remake of Axiom Glitcher, an original (and old) glitcher by the same creator.
  • Stratospheric Glitcher Solo by Stratospheric Glitcher Group is a glitcher game featuring Stratospheric Glitcher. This game is playable by anyone, unlike the Stratospheric Glitcher game mentioned above, However, Stratospheric Glitcher in this specific version is no longer updated. (One that's updated may exist soon though.)

Unaffiliated glitcher games which are notable, either due to high visit count or other reasons, include:

  • Star Glitcher Z by ZorthroLP is a glitcher game that has some SGFE-like anti-abuse features, such as a safe zone and abuse meter. It has different modes, abilities, wings, and other features. The default wing configuration is different from most glitcher games.
  • Star Glitcher: HD by shadowcrafter2017 is a glitcher game that is similar to the unedited precursor to SGFE (see below). It has many modes with several unique to the game, but all are on one side. The wing movements and patterns are similar to equivalent SGFE modes but the wings somewhat resemble swords.

Note: Editors may add to this list if desired, but please avoid making this a huge compendium of all glitcher games in existence.

Can I take a copy of SGFE's glitcher script?

Unfortunately, the version playable in-game is not available to the public. However, the unedited Version 7 script which SGFE's glitcher script is based on is available. It can be found in the official Discord server.

What do the gamepasses do?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Please do not buy them. You will be severely disappointed. The High Council of SGFE does not offer refunds. The only gamepass which works is the one for Administrative. If you buy it, you will be able to access an additional glitch. Also, loplkc will trade in the Robux for money to buy a private island in the tropics.

What does the "FE" in Star Glitcher: FE Version mean?

FE is also known as Filtering Enabled, or the opposite of Experimental Mode. It is a setting in a Roblox game which basically determines whether certain communications between the client and server are not permitted. It makes the game more secure and harder to exploit, but requires slightly different coding practices. The script which SGFE is based on supports Filtering Enabled (the original Star Glitcher does not work with FE). Thus, the game was named SGFE.