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Various miscellaneous aspects of SGFE, such as (donation) gamepasses, the map, and easter eggs are presented here.


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SGFE offers 3 gamepasses. "donate" (6 R$), "Administrative" (999,999,999 R$), and "PLACEHOLDER" (46 R$). With the exception of Administrative, none of the gamepasses do anything. They are for donation purposes only and provide no benefit.

The developers of SGFE have confirmed that purchasing the Administrative gamepass is supposed to unlock Administrative, but not the unique ability it has. This cannot be confirmed by anyone else since the Robux for the gamepass costs millions of dollars, making it practically unobtainable. The gamepass is intended to be a joke and never actually bought.



Star Glitcher (Filtering Enabled Version) standard issue Right Angle With Thrity-Three Degree Incline Ramp For Modes With Fast Speed.

There is a ramp on SGFE for the speedy modes that lets you fly into the sky. For best results, use Error. For worst results, use Love or modes of similar sluggishness. However, the ramp has more of a meaning than you would think. Next to the ramp, there is a sign saying "Ramp for speed modes."


There is a tunnel / metro / subway station entrance in the inner ring and near one of the fallen islands. It provides quick movement out of the spawn ring. To travel through it, touch the green gates on the right side of the entrance.

Stone Area

The tunnel exit faces the desert fallen island. On the other side of this island is a "stone area" (it may be an arena, temple, or something else, but its official name is unknown). Many stone triangles are dispersed in a circular pattern and it is implied that there were originally twelve stone pillars surrounding it. Every server randomly removes some of these stones when the server starts. The stone area does not change during gameplay.

At the center of the stone area is something composed of a glowing white cube surrounded by white lens flare and two grey rings, each of which have 24 eyes (identical to the eyes on the Orb.) It resembles some descriptions of Biblically-accurate angels, especially the Ophanim. Approaching it causes your screen to turn black for several seconds and display one of the following messages in plain white text:

  • Patience.
  • Not today.
  • It is not yet time.
  • All will be revealed later.

You teleport to the spawn afterwards. If your abuse meter is visible, you will instantly die upon returning to the spawn.


Star Glitcher (Filtering Enabled Version) Standard Issue Eight-Panel Teleportation Device With Eight Different Colors For Cosmetic Appeal (Islands Not Included)


There are eight teleportation orbs at the spawn ring, six with the standard colors of the rainbow, a black one, and a white one. Out of the eight, only two are operational and take you to floating islands in the sky. The remaining islands have placeholder opaque domes over them.

and right next to the white teleporter, there is a mostly transparent sign reading "you're not ready" the conditions to make this sign appear is currently unknown.


  • The red island is composed of crimson trees and grass and a large stone monolith in the center.
  • The orange one has more of a metallic / industrial theme.
    • There is a message on the orange island that says "ORANGE SpaceTime Systems™ Energy depleted, stable energy source required."

Fallen Islands:

There are three fallen islands scattered around with light blue teleportation ovals. Touching these ovals teleports you to the topmost dome island, directly above the spawn.

  • The savanna island is beyond the red laser tower. It has numerous trees without leaves on a yellowish disk of grass.
  • The desert island is beyond the green laser tower. It has several sand dunes and a large pyramid with a box at the top.
  • The stone island is beyond the blue laser tower. It has nothing.

Top Island

The topmost island (with the red dome) contains models of the SGFE developers (see Easter Eggs below). The interior can be accessed by either using Binary's X to teleport onto the side of the dome and using a dash attack to pass through the dome, or through the fallen island portals as mentioned above.

Laser Towers

RobloxScreenShot20200217 135629406.png

Under the Easter Egg island, lasers coming from large towers / spires meet at the bottom of the big red island. The laser fields knock you back a considerable distance and deal heavy damage, in most cases killing the player. There is no way to get past the lasers, even with immortal modes.

There is a keypad on a post surrounding each spire. These keypads are purely decorative and are not involved with anything greater. The developers have confirmed multiple times that there is no code for them. They are programmed to always display "DENIED" regardless of the input.

Easter Eggs


On the island directly above the spawn, there are teleporters that lead to fallen islands and three representations of the developers: loplkc, Avix_G, and wanTH092.

  • loplkc has the Mayhem mode in SGFE but is not animated and does not have moving wings. The model has one million HP.
  • Avix_G is not represented by a Roblox character, unlike the other two. Instead, Avix_G is a toaster on a table and holds two slices of bread. The model has one million HP. Its name briefly changes to a random sequence of 3 - 5 digits every minute. This number has no meaning; it is a false clue intended to fool anyone trying to find the keypad codes. When you are near the model, you receive a forcefield.
  • wanTH092 has a special script that is not accessible by normal players. It is for visual purposes only and is not usable. The character name and "mode" name flash rapidly: the former is wanTH(___), where ___ is replaced by three digits, and the letter is an aleph symbol ( א ) followed by a long number. Unlike the other two, when wanTH092 is damaged, the model instantly regenerates all HP lost. Approaching while you are in Love or NanoDeath will kill you.
  • In the current update , wanTH092 became a forcefielded person stomping on the floor. Forcefield particles come out from underneath him. And he says "Finally , i could restrain myself." then press the .. button underneath. Then he says : "Oh.. its you? Welp.. you see.. i have something important to show later. then press ... again and then he says "Meet me at the luminosity island when you're ready ok?" Sadly.. Nobody found the luminosity island.

Hidden Signs

There are three hidden signs that seem to link together. However, the chain seems to end after the third sign. No one is known to have found any subsequent signs or the destination.

  • The back side of the sign beside the ramp says: "Farthest tree, Obelisk." This is referring to the sign in the tree on the red island.
  • That sign says, "where three tubes meet, energy depleted." This is referring to the sign hidden behind on of the monitors next to the tubes on the orange island.
  • This sign is mysterious. It states, "The three spires, and the three islands, sharing their hue. If lines connecting were to exist, where would they intersect? The night sky holds the answer." This is the final sign found so far. Currently, nobody has found the next sign. If anybody has found another sign, please edit this file.

Fusion Glitches

Fusion Glitches occur when the player switches between modes too quickly, causing odd colors and shapes within' the mode. Wings on the glitcher will retain their original shape, but take the color of the parent glltch (the glitch you fused the child glitch). An example is shown below, Brilliance (the child glitch) was fused with Alpha (parent glitch). The wings on the fused glitches take two forms, either off the glitcher or glued to it. In the Brilliance-Alpha picture, the wings were off the glitcher, however on the picture with Unknown-Love (3rd picture) they are glued tight to eachother. All trails granted by the parent glitcher (invisible trails, such as Error or Chaos, or more noticeable trails such as Unknown or Unstable) are granted by the back wings. Attacks used by the child glitcher will take the parent glitcher's color as well (shown in 2nd picture). Any text shown on the screen will also take the color of the parent glitcher, despite the text shown on screen belonging to the child glitcher (shown in 4th picture) The only change to the GUI on the bottom of the screen will be the music, however the child glitcher's music will play instead of the parent's, even though it shows the parent's music playing.


  • The "PLACEHOLDER" gamepass used to be called "sword pass". The description at that time specified clearly that it had no effect in-game.
  • Prior to a recent update another unobtainable script was on wanTH092. The form was Luminous.
    • The music formerly playing for Luminous is Sakuzyo - Magical Musical Master
    • Luminous comes from the Galaxy Glitcher script, a script in the game only accessible by SGFE moderators.
  • The song for א is Aleph Null by LeaF, the same person who composed NanoDeath's music.
  • The fallen islands were the original map of SGFE. Originally, the fallen islands and the dome island floated in the sky. The map was changed to a flat expanse of grass with eight islands on August 12th, 2019. The fallen islands were re-added some months later.
    • The stone island used to be covered with ice in the shape of square pyramids. It is implied that the ice melted when the fallen islands were re-added.
  • Placeholder spheres for the missing six islands were also added on the February 3rd update.
  • The fallen islands, laser towers, and big island in the center were added on February 3rd, 2020.
  • The tunnel and stone area were added on SGFE's second anniversary: November 17th, 2020.
  • The knockback effect of the lasers can be used for fast travel when using invincible modes such as Sanctuary.