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Destiny is a base mode on the Spectrum side accessed by pressing F.


Destiny has six wings, all a light pink/lavender color and a set of white ground slashes, a trait shared by almost all flying Spectrum modes. It also has pink streaks rising from the ground.


Destiny Z attack.gif

Destiny only has one move.

Z - Beam Barrage

The player summons a bountiful amount of pink orbs above, then fires a barrage of lasers that can hit any opponent in a specific radius on which the cursor focuses. Deals a very heavy amount of damage to users who got caught in the blast.



  • Destiny has the most submodes, eight, if including Nova.
  • Destiny's Z ability received a massive power boost, turning it from one of the lesser attacks to one of the most fearsome.
  • Destiny's Z used to not have a cooldown, making it possible to infinitely fire lasers while standing still.
  • Destiny's music is "Servants of the Scourge - DM DOKURO".
    • This version of Servants of the Scourge is a mashup of 3 different songs (Servants of the Scourge Type W, V, and S), making Destiny the only mode to play different songs back to back because the different types are considered different songs in their home game.