Star Glitcher FE Wiki

Death is a mode on the Spectrum side accessible by pressing B on Mayhem.



Death has six wings, three black and three white, in a crown formation. It has a set of small white ground slashes and black streaks coming out of the ground near the user.

A Death user hovers slightly off the ground with his right arm straight downwards, the right leg somewhat higher than the left, and his left hand against the neck, as if he were choking himself. White particles emit from the user's right hand.


Death is slow and has no moves, but it has an intimidating pose and music. You won't get much out of this mode.



  • Death's music is Warak - Reanimate.
  • When switching to Death, the text "Death is not an escape" will appear above the player's head.
  • Death was formerly the only glitch to have the crown formation, with there now being two.
  • Death is the only submode of Mayhem to not have an ability.
  • Death is one of the very few modes that does not have the default running, walking, or flying animation.
  • Death's colors slightly resemble those of Equinox.
  • It's the only mode to exclusively have publicly unavailable submodes.
    • Because its M, N, and B slots are all taken up by those modes, it will stay this way forever.