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Alpha is a mode for Star Glitcher on the Spectrum side accessed from Omega (Press N).

It is one of only three double majors (modes which require two presses of B, N, or M keys), the others being Catastrophe and Roentgen. When switching to Alpha, a message will pop up on the screen that just says "Alpha".


Alpha Still Shot-0.png

Alpha's main color is a dark turquoise (compare with Omega's bright cyan).

An Alpha user levitates in a modified "A" pose, a reference to Alpha being Greek A, with their legs straight and their arms angled at the sides. The right leg is slightly lifted and the right arm is also angled forward. Like other "powerful" glitches, a wielder of Alpha mode will be surrounded by an eight-pointed star.


Alpha has twelve wings. The smaller wings form two triplets (light blue and dark blue). These rotate in a manner similar to the wings of Calamity or Plague. The larger wings are cyan and black and form a large rotor arrangement.


Despite having one of the most powerful abilities in the game and having twelve wings, Alpha's ground shockwave rings are rather modest. The small set is white and the medium set is dark greenish-blue.

An Alpha user emits dark blue particles from their right hand, light blue particles from their left hand, cyan particles from their right foot, and black particles from their left foot.

Alpha has two types of streaks: blue ones which spawn near the ground, and black ones which spawn further up.


Alpha Z Attack.gif

Alpha has two moves, Z and X.

Z - Unseen Spike Formation

The Z ability spawns a spike radius similar to Omega's Z spikes, but this one can be directed to a specific location without the user having to move. It can be useful for punishing powerful attacks with large startups or slow, powerful modes.

X - Flash of Light

Alpha X Attack.gif

The X ability is what the Z ability once was. In case you don't know, this move teleports the user to their cursor and creates an explosion that instantly kills an opponent. This is good for canceling long transformations and attacks that render you immobile. However, if you miss, you're practically dead if your opponent knows what they're doing.

Alpha is among the faster modes in the game; this speed in conjunction with its two powerful abilities makes it one of the most formidable glitches in the game.



Dimrain47 - At the Speed of Light

  • Alpha's music is "At the Speed of Light" by Dimrain47.
  • Both Alpha and its precursor mode Omega are named after Greek letters. They are the first and the last letter of the Greek alphabet, respectively.
  • Alpha's Z is a reskin of the Infestation tree's attacks (little sparkles on the ground are what's dealing your damage) with some extra spike and gust effects to match Omega and Alpha's spiky aesthetic.